Our 2020 Annual Meetings, postponed from March due to the coronavirus pandemic, will now take place on

Sunday 4th October 2020 at 12.30 pm

The meetings will take place in the church building where there is most room to physically distance.   They will be kept as short as possible, dealing only with the necessary legal matters.

Formal notice of the meetings is given here as well as being displayed in church:

Notice of the Annual Vestry Meeting
Notice of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Electoral Roll

Every Church of England parish is required to keep a roll of its official members who are eligible to vote in church elections.  It is important that all of us who have an interest in Holy Trinity and are eligible to join the roll, do so.  Formal notice of the renewal of the roll can be viewed here in addition to being displayed in church.

To be eligible to join the roll you must be aged 16+and be baptised and either live in our parish or attend worship here regularly.  If you're eligible and not already on the roll, you can join by completing a form and returning it to Kay Whitby or to Mthr Katy, either in paper or by email.  The deadline for joining before our annual meetings is Saturday 19th September.  If you are unable to download the form, please let Mthr Katy know and she will get a paper copy to you.  

Annual Report

Our Annual Report, including the financial statements, to be presented at the meeting was distributed in church in March, just prior to lockdown.  It is also available to view online and/or download here.  If you would like a paper copy, please let Mthr Katy know and she will get one to you. 


At the meetings we will be electing the following: 

2 Churchwardens
3 Deanery Synod representatives
5 PCC members

Nomination forms for each of these positions can be downloaded here:

Churchwarden nomination form 
Deanery Synod representative nomination form
PCC member nomination form