Children & Young People

All people, of any age, are welcome in church and are valued members of our community.

At the current time there are a number of restrictions in place due to COVID-19 which, we recognise, make things difficult for some children and families in church.  Normally we say that noise and movement aren't a problem to us - we all worship in different ways and we're always delighted to have youngsters with us at any service.  However, at the moment, it's important that children remain with their parents within their seating area, rather than wandering around church.

Normally, we encourage children and young people take an active part in our worship, whether that's with specific roles such as servers and readers, or by following what's going on and joining in as much as possible.  At the moment, the COVID-19 restrictions mean those roles are very limited and our worship is not particularly child-friendly.  This is not how we would like things to be!

We have a Sunday School, called 'Little Trinities' which meets in the church hall before coming to join us in church for the Eucharist.  Unfortunately, this isn't able to meet at the current time either.

Our Monday Mass for all-ages is particularly aimed at children and families.  At the moment, this is taking place online, rather than in church.

We usually have an active Church Lad's and Girls' Brigade which meets in the hall during the week and a Harvest Queen. We look forward to these activities resuming once circumstances allow.

We understand that, even at the best of times, it's not always easy being in church with children so do check out our top tips.

A number of local schools require regular church attendance as part of their admissions criteria.  To find out more about this, please click here.