Memorial Services

There are particular times when it helps to remember the person who has died.   At Holy Trinity, we offer memorial services in church for those who, for whatever reason, would find it helpful, sometime after someone has died, to come together with family and friends in church to remember and give thanks for the life of their loved one.  These services are very flexible and we will take time to listen to what you want, to make the service personal and as you would like it to be.
Memorial services may be particularly helpful to families whose loved ones have died during the COVID-19 pandemic and who were unable to have the kind of funeral they might have wanted.

In addition, each year, near to November 2nd, we hold a special memorial service to which we invite those families for whom we have taken funerals.  At the service, we remember by name those who have died, we say some special prayers, and there is an opportunity to light a candle in memory of the person you are remembering.  It doesn’t matter whether the funeral took place in this church, or even if you have never been before.  This service is for everyone, and many people find it very helpful.

If you would be interested in arranging a memorial service, do get in touch with our Vicar, Mother Katy.


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