Our Vision

Rooted in the love of God for all people, we seek to be a church which:

  • is a safe space in which all are welcomed, valued, given a voice and are able to belong regardless of their age, gender, mental health, physical ability, race, sexuality or economic power;
  • draws people deeper into relationship with God through worship, prayer and teaching;
  • is a Christ-like presence in our community and wider-world, sharing God’s love through our actions as well as our words. 

To help us turn that vision into more of a reality, we have five ‘vision areas‘:

Worship, Prayer and Faith
Our primary calling as a church and as people is to praise and honour God through worship and prayer.  We seek to always hold this at the centre of our life together and to provide opportunities for the whole of the church community to worship God and participate in prayer through a variety of styles and services.  We wish to encourage everyone on their journey of faith and discipleship, providing opportunities for all people to question and to learn, as together we grow in faith and in commitment to God and God’s church. 

Welcome, Belonging and Pastoral Care
Affirming God’s love for all people, we wish to be a church in which everyone is safe, welcomed, valued and given a voice, regardless of their age, gender, mental health, physical ability, race, sexuality or economic power.  We seek to create opportunities for people to get to know one another more across our church community, developing a greater sense of belonging and unity.  We aim to be mindful of each other’s needs, supporting and caring for one another.

Children, Young People and Families
We are blessed to have a significant number of children and families attend our church due, in part, to local school admissions criteria.  We seek to make the most of the opportunity this presents, warmly welcoming them as equal members of our church community offering a safe space, opportunities to engage in the worship of the church and the chance to learn, explore and be nurtured in their faith.  It is our hope that, in doing so, they will develop a deeper relationship with God and God’s church that will continue beyond their need to attend for school admission purposes. 

Community and Wider World
As the parish church of Shaw, we aim to be known by the community as their church, here for everybody, regardless of their faith (or lack of).  We strive to be a spiritual presence in our community, making God’s love known by using our resources and our voice to challenge injustice, safeguard creation, and to serve the needs of the community, the diocese and the wider world through prayer and the giving of time and energy in active involvement. 

Buildings, Talents and Finance
We aim to help support the life and vision of the church by maintaining and developing our facilities for church and community use.  We do this by encouraging and enabling the giving of time, talents and money.  We also aim to support the work of the church locally, nationally and globally, through charitable giving and fundraising.