School Admissions

Please read the following information about school admissions but note that, due to the COVID-19 restrictions on churches, attendance is NOT currently being recorded for school admission purposes.  Crompton House School and The Blue Coat School have both agreed that, for the academic year 2019-2020, church attendance should only be counted up to 17th March 2020.

Some nearby Church of England secondary schools (such as Crompton House CofE School in Shaw and The Blue Coat School in Oldham), and some Church of England primary schools base part of their admissions criteria on church attendance and require the completion of a Supplementary Form, completed by the Vicar, in addition to the main application form.

Under normal circumstances, to help us complete these supplementary forms, there is a folder at the back of church and we ask you to sign in each time you and your child(ren) come to a church service (it doesn't have to be on Sunday).  Forms are usually completed in September / October each year, for entry the following September.  If you need a form completing, please arrange a time to meet with Mother Katy,  preferably not leaving it to the last minute!

​Further information on admissions for the schools mentioned above, including how to get a Supplementary Form, is available via the links below:

Admissions information for Crompton House CofE School
Admissions information for The Blue Coat School

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Mother Katy.

Whatever the reason that brings you to church, know that you are welcome!

You might find it helpful to check out our top tips for being in church with children, and to read our guide to what happens in a church service.

We also have a Church Families Network - a supportive group for our church families to join.  This is a safe space where you can ask questions about church (practical and spiritual) and where information is shared.  As a network, we exist online via a facebook group and there are also (optional) events specifically for church families. Some of these are just for parents; some are for the whole family.  To join the facebook group, please follow this link.  In the interests of safety, you will be asked a couple of simple questions to verify that you are eligible to join.

We hope you enjoy worshipping with us and being part of our church community.