Social Media Policy

Social media is a wonderful way of keeping in touch, spreading good news stories and creating new kinds of communities; this has been more important than ever at a time when church buildings have been forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The sharing of words and images on social media can build people up and promote community cohesion and be a powerful way of communicating the Christian faith.  However, it can also be destructive, ruin lives and exclude people from community; it can be violent and abusive and can cause emotional and spiritual harm. 

In order to ensure social media is used only for good, we have developed a policy to public and representative Christians navigate the moral and social complexity of social media from a faith perspective, for the good of the whole Church community. It is an extension of the church’s existing Safeguarding Policy, which seeks to protect children and vulnerable adults in our care, and is in keeping with the guidance given in the Parish Safeguarding Handbook ‘Promoting a Safe Church’.  We hope that all people will be able to use social media safely, kindly and with compassion.

You can view our social media policy here.