Wherever and whenever you choose to get married, you make a public declaration of life-long commitment to love each other faithfully and take on a whole new legal status as husband and wife.We believe that marriage is a gift from God. There is something in a public commitment of this magnitude that has a spiritual element to it and which can transform a relationship to a new and deeper level.

Marriage is a very ancient idea. The Bible suggests it goes right back to Adam and Eve, who were ‘made for each other’. Jesus’ teaching on marriage, as exclusive, unbreakable and forging a new family unit, drew on this original blueprint. And Jesus loved a good wedding: he turned water into wine at a wedding reception,his first recorded miracle. Even today, marriage exists in practically every country and culture on earth

There are usually two or three hymns sung during a wedding service. Try to find hymns that are familiar to your guests –and are easy to sing.The Vicar or the organist will be pleased to help you decide

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