Regular Worship at Holy Trinity

Sundays at 11am

The Parish Mass takes place at 11 am each Sunday using the Church of England's Common Worship liturgy (Order 1) and lasts about an hour and a quarter.  Everybody is welcome.

On the second Sunday of the month everybody worships together in Church for the whole service.  On most other Sundays, during term-time, our Sunday School meets in the church hall.  The children, together with their Sunday School leaders, join us in church for the last part of the service.

Refreshments are served in the hall after the service.  Please do join us and make yourself known to us.

Mondays at 7pm

The Monday Mass for all ages takes place at 7pm.  Everybody is welcome but most of the congregation are young families.  Like the Sunday Mass, the Church of England's Common Worship liturgy is used but it's a more informal service, lasting about half an hour, and being aimed largely at children and people who perhaps aren't used to going to church.

Fridays at 10am

This quiet said Mass (Common Worship) takes place in the Lady Chapel and lasts about half and hour.  Afterwards we gather in the hall for tea, coffee and toast.