The Monday Mass for all-ages

Mondays at 7 pm (currently online)

The Monday Mass for all ages takes place at 7 pm.  Currently it is online, in our 'Holy Trinity Shaw Online Worship' Facebook group.  Everybody is welcome but most of the congregation are young families.

Like the Sunday Mass, the Church of England's Common Worship liturgy is used but it's a more informal service, lasting about forty minutes, and being aimed largely at children and people who perhaps aren't used to going to church.  We sing the different parts of the Mass set to well-known tunes.

As we prepare to return to church for the Monday Mass but without being able to sing, we are having a go at learning how to sign the songs we usually sing, so that we can all join in and participate in worship throughout.  Just watch these videos and do your best to join in!


Video 1: ‘Just like lost sheep’ and ‘You’re forgiven and you know it’

Video 2: ‘Glory be to God on High’ and ‘Alleluia’